What is LeadsCon Las Vegas?

We’re back from LeadsCon 2018, hosted this year at the Paris hotel in Las Vegas. While we didn’t win big at the slots, we did hit the jackpot of lead-gen knowledge. Read our conference recap below for insight on our experience during our three-day adventure.

LeadsCon is “The World’s Leading convention on Acquisition and Conversion Strategies.” Okay…but what is LeadsCon? It’s basically an opportunity for 3,000+ of the world’s lead-generation experts to rally and learn new tricks of the trade while enjoying quality company, all-star speakers, and a chance to grow their businesses. LeadsCon offers direct access to marketing leaders and a key networking opportunity to do business with like-minded individuals. The conference also provides an unforgettable experience to connect with

some of the industry’s greatest brands and hear answers to FAQs surrounding acquisition and conversion challenges.


What was Boomsourcing doing there?

As the industry leader in turbocharging the sales funnel, Boomsourcing was there to connect with some of the best lead-gen thought leaders and acquire new business opportunities. Our team also had the pleasure of nurturing our current client relationships with an appreciation dinner. It was good to catch up with old friends and forge some new friendships.


The Boomsourcing team also attended LeadsCon to learn from some of the most innovative brands and executives in the business. We learned so much about curating strategic partnerships, creating content that converts, SEO and CRO tactics for success, scaled texting campaigns, digital marketing, data trends, and so much more. We are excited to utilize these insights to create a better customer and client experience.


Finally, Boomsourcing was there to promote the platform and our Perfect Pitch Technology. We hosted a raffle worth $3,000, gave out free swag to attendees, and answered questions related to lead-gen and Sales Development Reps (SDRs). Conference registrants really enjoyed learning how to increase their sales funnel through our platform.

LeadsCon Las Vegas Boomsourcing

What does the future of lead-gen look like for Boomsourcing?

As we look to the future, an increasing trend of demand generation marketing seems to emerge. Boomsourcing has worked extensively to develop a demand generation platform that allows companies to reach out to prospective clients in a scientifically effective method. Utilizing email strategies and a call-in drip campaign format, Boomsourcing has created a seamless system complete with Perfect Pitch Technology. From collecting accurate data points to connecting customers with an experienced SDR specific to their needs, Boomsourcing takes scaling to new heights.
Boomsourcing uses Pitch Perfect Technology as a one-stop-innovative-shop for demand-gen and call center solutions.


What did the competition look like at LeadsCon?

Obviously, Boomsourcing wasn’t the only lead-gen provider at LeadsCon. However, we did have a leg up on the competition by offering a platform that takes care of the cold-calling, email campaigning, and data gathering as well. Our sales reps canvassed the conference for brands and individuals that would benefit from our platform. We connected with attendees and competitors alike to create friendly relationships with thought leaders from all over the world.


Now that LeadsCon is over, how can companies improve their lead-gen process?

Establishing an SDR process changes the game. This has allowed Boomsourcing to gather lead data, strategically cold call consumers, develop open-worthy email campaigns, and utilize LinkedIn. Boomsourcing then uses a drip campaign to nurture prospects and provide updates to clients on campaign successes. Through drip campaigning, companies also have the ability to recommend services that can improve their customer base.


In conclusion, we had a blast at LeadsCon 2018. We’re looking forward to next year and making plans to implement what we learned as we type. Boomsourcing is continuing to turbocharge the sales funnel and create a seamless system for scaling.

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