Over the past eight years, Utah has rightfully earned a heavy association with the modern technology boom.

Currently, the state ranks second in the nation for job growth and is home to one of the fastest developing tech areas in the country—Silicon Slopes. This high-tech hub is home to some of the nation’s fastest-growing and innovative companies including Adobe, Qualtrics, Domo, and Lucid, and even more companies including Facebook are drawing up plans to set up local bases.

Amid all the buzz surrounding growth in our state, the Boomsourcing team, specializing in growth management, has identified the fastest growing cities in Utah as verified by U.S. Census data. The infographic below will give you eye-opening insight into cities such as Vineyard — which has seen significant growth at 49.19% — as well as communities like Bluffdale and Eagle Mountain. Low costs of living, safety, education, a strong sense of community, low unemployment rates, proximity and environmental factors have all played into the growth of these top 11 cities.

Utah’s recent growth spurt happened fast

So fast in fact, that some might even call the situation unmanageable. Similar to the growing pains currently affecting Utah are growing pains felt by companies looking to scale. There’s no company that knows the growth better than Boomsourcing, itself located in the Silicon Slopes epicenter of expansion.

Founded in 2007, Boomsourcing is Utah’s fastest growing privately-owned business, with an annual revenue of $10 million. The Boomsourcing mission is to achieve steady and efficient growth for companies, by implementing solutions such as customer acquisition, customer service, and outbound sales. All of these customizable solutions are provided to clients at a reasonable cost, in large part to Boomsourcing’s international reach via the United States, Mexico, and the Philippines.

When you’re looking to scale — scale smart and opt for Boomsourcing as your trusted partner.


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