5 Reasons to Use an Outsourced Call Center

Every company that grows to a particular size starts to experience complex new customer service problems. At that point, the load becomes too much for the owner or other senior operations employees to handle on their own. There are so many other things that you’re responsible for, and you can’t be on the phones all day, every day. Customers need and deserve careful attention, though, because if they feel mistreated, your competitors will be only too happy to assist them. While the idea of setting up and controlling your own call center sounds like a good way to maintain quality, there are several reasons why that’s not the case. In fact, it may be an even bigger headache. let’s take a look at some of the reasons why using an outsourced call center is more likely to be what you need.

1: Economies of Scale That Save Money

Any company that focuses on its core competencies is going to keep getting better at them. For some companies, customer service is that core competency. We’re big fans of Zappos, for example. They are a customer service company that just happens to sell shoes. Amazon bought them out because they’re essentially a bigger and more diversified version of the same corporate philosophy.

Not every company is like that, though. Most of our clients here at Boomsourcing specialize in software or specific services, like education and healthcare. Customer care is essential, but it’s not necessarily the thing they have to focus most on being excellent at. If your company is like that, you focus on providing the best product or service in your industry. Rather than trying to build up your customer service skills from scratch, you’re better off partnering with someone who already focuses on customer service all day, all the time. An outsourced call center, for example.

Just as you dedicate most of your resources to doing and improving what you’re best at, so do we! That specialization allows us to create mutually beneficial relationships. That way, in partnership, we can make our clients much stronger than they could become on their own.

2: Scaling Faster In Good Times and Bad

A related advantage is that because an outsourced call center focuses so much on this core specialty is that it’s easy to change gears. Whenever we get new clients, it’s easy for us to build up a new customer service team dedicated to them. It’s easy to grow that team as fast as necessary, or to shrink it if the situation calls for it.

Whenever we have more agents than our clients need, we can reassign them to boost our internal marketing outreach. When our clients need more agents, fast, we can shuffle them around fast, and we can hire new staff quickly.

3: An Outsourced Call Center is Easier to Manage Than Your Own

The reason for this speed is the same as why we’re experts in customer service. Call center work in general is highly demanding, and the turnover rate is notoriously high. Dealing with that on your own, in-house, especially if you haven’t done so before, can be terribly stressful for your human resources department.

In our case, we’ve got it down to a science. We know what kind of people to look for, and also who not to hire. We know how to train new agents quickly, and assign them to the right kinds of jobs. We’re also constantly improving our retention strategies and finding ways to help agents build their careers so they want to stay on your team for the long haul.

Outsourcing also helps you avoid the difficulty of finding new office space and investing in new hardware, software, and other costly infrastructure. With an outsourced center, it’s all there already!

4: A Diversified Customer Service Focus

Another great advantage you’ll find from an outsourced call center is their experience with a wide variety of customer service strategies. Not only will we take care of incoming calls, but we can also do outbound work to find new customers. We even do non-phone back-office work for much lower costs than hiring additional in-house staff.

Call center agents can also provide virtual assistant services that make you available to your customers 24/7. One of the ways we can help is by taking calls that you would like to personally answer. If there’s too many to handle, or they come in during odd hours in the middle of the night, we take down a message and email you our notes. You can personally respond as soon as conveniently possible. This helps prevent customers from going to competitors after hearing your voicemail!

5: Sales Boosters That Help You Pivot Quickly

An outsourced call center also opens the doors to sales development in a powerful way. Boomsourcing helps firms gain new clients by accelerating the most time-and-labor-intensive parts of the sales process. This happens with staff who’ve learned how customer service works, and who’ve been specially trained in sales techniques.

Contact Boomsourcing today to discover how using an outsourced call center can be the catalyst for a new period of explosive growth for your company!

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