Can I Get a Call Center for my Small Business?


  • Having a small business call center is a great way to streamline customer service
  • Good customer service puts your company in a better position for the future
  • Boomsourcing solutions make it easier to manage businesses of all sizes


Many a small business owner has come to the point where their company’s growth has outstripped its own ability to serve its customers effectively. It’s not an uncommon problem at all. Dealing with growth one way or another is a central aspect of a business. It always brings up the question, though, “what are you going to do about it?” Thinking of the vast contact center operations that large firms employ, many owners ask themselves about the possibilities of establishing a sort of small business call center. Is it feasible? Will it help? The answers to those questions depend on each company’s unique circumstances. Is it possible? The answer to that one is a resounding yes.

Customers are What Makes the World Go ‘Round

First, we need to ask ourselves why a call center might be the cure for what ails a small company. The answer has to do with the centrality of customer service. In a competitive market, it’s easy for customers to distinguish between firms by competence and care. Modern social technology has made it even easier, with online reviews making or breaking many a business.

Companies that are highly competent in their field, offering superior products, are able to get away sometimes with lousy customer service. More often, bad customer service just happens when a company grows into a virtual monopoly and devotes its energy into maintaining that position.

Bad customer service, however, opens the doors for consumer discontent. If there’s any competitor that treats their customers better than a leading firm, there’s a good possibility of a change in leadership as customers switch over.

Why all this focus on customer service? It’s because the way a company interacts with its customers makes all the difference. Call centers quickly become the critical piece in that puzzle.

Setting up a Small Business Call Center

Often when people think of call centers, they imagine a vast floor filled with hundreds of bored workers droning on in cold sales calls.

That happens, but it’s not what a call center is.

A call center is the place where your company interacts with customers over the phone. Sometimes, as an owner, you are the call center. Sometimes, the call center is kitchen staff taking orders in between cooking them. Perhaps the contractor is the call center when they whip out their cell phone on a job site.

When the call center works like that, it gets in the way of the business.

There are solutions, though, that can make a small business call center work for you instead of against you.

Boomsourcing Helps Small Businesses Serve Better

If you want to be able to provide detailed attention to your customers, as you should, you’ve got to be able to do it without interfering with the work you already have. What’s the point of taking a call from a new prospect if you’re only going to be distracted from serving the client right in front of you? On the other hand, where will that new prospect go if you don’t answer immediately? That’s right, to the next listing down on their search results page.

How do you get around this dilemma? With a call center!

Boomsourcing provides elegant outsourced small business call center solutions. We provide all the infrastructure and agents you need to give your company the customer service or sales boost that will help you stay a cut above the competition. Whether you need an army of staff making and taking calls all day, or just one virtual assistant to cover the hours you’re asleep, we can provide that, and everything in between.

Contact us today to be there for your customers whenever they need you, and never lose tomorrow’s customers to today’s work ever again!


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