Calling on Leads Across Diverse Industries


  • Calling on leads is a critical step for building trust in your brand within your market
  • Companies in the insurance, healthcare, and education sectors can all benefit from contacting leads directly
  • Contacting leads not only grows a company’s customer base but also helps spread news about innovations
  • Boomsourcing combines powerful technology with professional sales strategies to reach leads in the best ways


The basics of selling are always the same, no matter who you’re calling. It’s always all about quickly building a relationship of trust. Without trust, there’s no purchase, no sale, no revenue. All business builds upon this foundation of getting someone to trust you enough to exchange their money for what you’re offering them. This applies regardless of your industry, or your sector within that industry. One of the most effective ways to build trust is by calling on leads from people who have expressed some interest in learning more about certain types of products and services.

Here’s a look at why it’s so important across a diverse range of industries.


Insurance is a great idea if you have it. Many people discover too late that they should have had the benefits of a good insurance policy. Insurance companies also, like any other business, need to continue growing their customer base. It’s especially important in this industry, because the larger the pool of subscribers to a policy, the more easily a company can deliver on the promised benefits when someone needs their payout.

For this reason, it’s important for insurance companies to actively seek new customers. By obtaining and calling on leads who already might be interested in buying an insurance policy, companies can continue providing a valuable service that mitigates the risk of catastrophe for many people and their families. They can grow their base, and by delivering satisfactory service, build a great reputation.


Healthcare companies need to make sure that people know about their specific lifesaving solutions. This is less of an issue for major hospitals, which are both highly visible and geographically limited in usefulness. Where it’s a big deal, though, is for providers of innovative medical devices.

Many elderly, disabled, or chronically ill people, and even their doctors, just don’t know about all of the latest inventions that can dramatically improve their quality of life. Companies that provide testing and alert devices, as well as mobility enhancements for homes and vehicles, have the potential to make a huge positive difference for their customers.

The challenge is to reach them! That’s why calling on leads is so important. Companies can contact and build trust among people who are already looking for a way to feel safer or more independent in spite of their challenges. These turn into satisfied customers who spread the word to others.


Higher education is now a critical factor in long-term success in the modern economy. The industrial world is shifting to an increasing degree away from manual labor in favor of robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence. There are many calls for governments of the world to protect the workers who are most likely to be displaced by these advances. These calls include suggestions for increased social welfare benefits, but also for sponsored retraining programs. Governments have subsidized tuition to an enormous degree, which is great for schools. It’s also causing largely unintended problems for learners, who carry the burden of increasingly difficult student loan debt. Institutions of higher learning have both the social responsibility and the business opportunity to get ahead of that curve!

The way out of this is for schools to innovate and make learning more accessible. Informal organizations like Khan Academy and  Udemy might be showing the way forward, along with edX and its Ivy League partnerships. Accredited institutions like Brigham Young University, with its Pathway Worldwide program, are now making formal American higher education available at reduced costs to people all over the world.

All such options require outreach. People need to know that these programs exist, especially those who could most benefit from them. This takes marketing and sales efforts. Mass advertising campaigns useful so that many people will be aware that the educational landscape and opportunities are changing. There is also an important role for one-on-one relationship building, where schools of all kinds reach out to targeted prospects for enrollment.

Calling on Leads With Boomsourcing

Boomsourcing facilitates calling on leads across all of these industries. We operate nearshore and offshore contact centers across the world round-the-clock to make sure that our clients can always reach their customers at the best times. Not only do we have traditional contact center operations, but we’ve also revolutionized the field. Our Perfect Pitch Technology with Ready Response ensures that every conversation will be accurate and easy to understand. It no longer matters who you’re calling, nor who’s calling them! You also never again have to worry about deviations from the script causing customer service problems down the line.

We shine just as brightly with our customer acquisition and sales development teams. These sales professionals are experts at integrating seamlessly into our clients’ in-house sales organizations. They do this without all the expenses of training and infrastructure expansion because we’ve already taken care of it! They provide a spectacular boost in sales funnel speed and volume by discovering the best prospects. By channeling warm leads directly to top account executives, they are able to help companies scale up fast.

Contact us today to learn more about how our solutions, specifically tailored to insurance, healthcare, and education, can drive renewed and energized growth for your organization!

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