Skyrocket Media

Case Study

“Perfect Pitch has allowed SkyRocket to
become the primary third-party lead source
for three of their partners.”

The Client

SkyRocket is an Inc. 500 company, ranked number 27 on the 2015 list. SkyRocket builds and markets web properties spanning multiple industries, helping companies of all sizes acquire new customers. Currently, they run Perfect Pitch campaigns that provide live-transfer leads to companies in the industries of credit repair, financial management, medical alert devices, and debt relief

Rapid Growth

Boomsourcing, using their proprietary Perfect Pitch technology, has been influential in helping SkyRocket expand their client base and better monetize their online traffic. Prior to using Perfect Pitch, SkyRocket was not marketing to their leads via the telephone. At one point they tried organizing and running their own internally operated call center. However, they discovered between purchasing the equipment, managing a call center floor, and developing new operational processes the costs didn’t make it worth it.

By using Boomsourcing’s technology SkyRocket has been able to reach their leads in both an effective and
efficient manner, saving themselves the headache of doing it themselves. Despite using third party technology and workforce to call their leads SkyRocket feels like they have more control over their day-to-day management
and performance of their various campaigns. Perfect Pitch’s scripted response technology enables SkyRocket to be both compliant while offering an optimal customer experience

SkyRocket was a bit hesitant to use a third party call center at first, mostly because of concerns related to reporting
capabilities and managing compliance. However, these concerns were completely resolved once they began their Perfect Pitch campaigns. Perfect Pitch offers day-to-day reporting and analytics, with customized reports to help you gauge campaign performance and make prompt and timely optimizations. Perfect Pitch uses automated, scripted responses that ensures the integrity of the message.

But unlike “robo-calling,” Perfect Pitch has a live agent controlling and monitoring each and every call. The result is a smooth sales pitch that sounds perfect every time, while at the same time delivered at a lower cost and in 100% compliance with all telemarketing regulations


Perfect Pitch has allowed SkyRocket to become the primary third-party lead source for three of their partners. Because Perfect Pitch campaigns are very easy to scale, SkyRocket has been able to grow campaigns to a point where they have helped their partners increase their customer base by 2, 3 and or even 4 times. One of SkyRockets partners even fired their US based live voice call center partner because they found the Perfect Pitch campaign generated more leads and higher quality leads in a much more cost efficient manner