Case Study

Boomsourcing was well-equipped to deliver on all of these requirements immediately.

The Client

Consensus is a SaaS company headquartered in American Fork, Utah, whose software platform automates product sales demos. More specifically, their technology has been found to solve what is often considered the largest challenge in B2B sales: driving agreement across the stakeholders in the buying group.

Boomsourcing was well-equipped to deliver on all of these requirements immediately. Boomsourcing SDRs already had received formal training, were familiar with SalesForce, and according to Consensus, they “sounded no different from our internal team.” Boomsourcing SDRs are also accustomed to changing from one client campaign to another as needs arise, so Consensus could scale up or down as fast as they needed to.

Founded in 2013 by Garin Hess, Consensus has made its impact by sharply streamlining the sales process for some of the world’s biggest and most well-known technology companies. It counts Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, and IBM, along with many others, among its clients.  Consensus was first called DemoChimp, but rebranded in 2016 when they realized that their software offered a wider scope of solutions than just automating sales demos. Their platform and analytics offer unprecedented insight into the needs of each individual stakeholder.


On day one, the Consensus SDR team at Boomsourcing had their contact cadences ready to go for outreach via phone, email, and social media. Starting on day two, they were already making more than 70 phone calls per day to prospective clients. Within the first week, they had already set demo appointments with two of those prospects. Rex Galbraith, VP of Sales at Consensus, says of Boomsourcing, “We get almost immediate responses to issues that arise. Boomsourcing was turnkey but also willing to adapt to our needs.” He further notes that “Boomsourcing has saved us a ton of money in overhead and training costs. We get almost the same results from Boomsourcing as we would with an internal rep, but at half the cost.”

Manageable Growth

Leaders at Consensus first became aware of Boomsourcing’s solutions when Boomsourcing became one of their clients. After helping them build their use case, they were intrigued by the possibility that their Sales Development Representative team could work well for Consensus. At the time, they had been considering another firm, located in India, but discovered that this firm’s quality wasn’t on the same level as what Boomsourcing could offer them. Consensus needed a partner whose representatives could be a direct extension of their own sales team. They would need to be able to join weekly sales meetings and take part in company contests and competitions, and they would each need to be a good culture fit for Consensus. They also needed the ability to grow or shrink the team according to demand.

Consensus started with one Boomsourcing rep, and in the first six months, they have added an additional five. So far, they say, the experience with Boomsourcing has gone even better than they had expected. That’s because Boomsourcing’s professional Sales Development Team is highly motivated and dedicated to their work. It’s also because culture fit is a big part of life within Boomsourcing, and that made it easy for the SDRs to integrate seamlessly into the team at Consensus.