Customer Care Services Outsourcing

Better engagement = happier customers.

Better engagement = happier customers.

Outsourcing customer support helps you tie the two together. Through our Customer Care Services Outsourcing support team, Boomsourcing is ready to complement your multi-channel efforts and engage with your customers wherever they are.

  • Inbound and outbound phone calls
  • SMS text support and sales
  • Online sales and support through email and chat

With Perfect Pitch Technology, it is easy to start an inbound or outbound campaign. Your agents can be anywhere& provide a perfect customer experience.

Hourly pricing per campaign:

  • Basic B2C outbound: $8/hr
  • Standard B2B Outbound/Inbound: $10/hr
  • Professional Blended Scripted & Live Voice: $12/hr

(Each campaign includes 2 voice-talent recordings, training, setup, and installation.)As an example, Boomsourcing currently provides outsourcing customer service to a large online retailer. We contact its customers and gain vital information on how they enjoy their purchases.Customers that show a high level of satisfaction are encouraged by Boomsourcing to leave reviews that share their experiences — a proven strategy that boosts the online company’s sales.

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