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Customer Care Services Outsourcing

Better engagement = happier customers.

Perfect Calls Every Time

This is possible through the use of pre-recorded audio segments from professional voice talents with neutral accents. Live agents listen carefully to your customers and intuitively select the best responses, rather than speaking with their own voice, accent, and mood. No more unintentional rudeness. No more forgotten scripts. No more bad calls, period!

Perfect Pitch keeps it simple, and allows you to start any kind of phone campaign quickly. Boomsourcing can help you get set up for inbound or outbound calls, or both. Your agents can be located anywhere in the world, and always deliver consistent results.

Contact us today. We’ll make your good reputation among your customers BOOM!

As it Turns Out…

Boomsourcing has developed a way to cut costs by outsourcing your customer care calls, without sacrificing quality. In fact, we think you’ll even see overall quality improve. We’ve made the seemingly impossible happen every day through the power of our Perfect Pitch calling platform.

By integrating our Ready Response technology, we reduce training time while improving consistency and compliance. We ensure the satisfaction of your customers.

When they call, they always deal with a representative who speaks clearly and naturally. This agent provides them with accurate and relevant information, and resolves their concern.

With Perfect Pitch Technology, it is easy to start an inbound or outbound campaign. Your agents can be anywhere& provide a perfect customer experience.

The Perils of Modernity

In the age of Twitter, word of mouth spreads way faster than any advertising you can buy. A complaint about an agent who handles a customer’s request rudely can be retweeted around the world a thousand times before you even know what hit you. It goes viral and gets picked up by BuzzFeed, and all of a sudden all the good will built up from your last big marketing push is burning down around you.

On the other hand, people love it when a customer service interaction goes better than expected. The same power that spreads a bad reputation can also build up a good one.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to ensure positive and helpful conversations every single time a customer called for help?

Ready to grow your sales team?