Ready to grow your sales team?

Private Equity Solutions

Private Equity Solutions

Your efforts to boost the value of a newly-acquired portfolio company depend on many factors for success, but one of them is especially important. If that company is not driving growth through fast and effective sales, almost everything else is moot. Sure, you can always trim the fat elsewhere in the company, but without effective sales, you’re starving.

The strategies you employ to boost sales will make or break this effort. There’s a few different roads you know you could take. The sales team might need retraining or replacement. Maybe they’re focusing too much on farming existing customers rather than gaining new ones and you’d definitely like to fix that.

You’re on a strict timeline, with clear and defined goals. There’s no time to waste, so why not inject some life into that company, fast? Boomsourcing can also integrate with your back office API’s so your work is being done in your own environments.

You’ll select your step one carefully from among many options, but we’d like to suggest a step zero: Bring new warm leads straight to your portfolio company’s sales team.

Boomsourcing makes this easy with our professional Sales Development Representatives. We specialize in accelerating the front end of the sales funnel, and we use all the available tools at our disposal to do it. We use phones, email, and social media for outreach via optimized cadences which ensure that your potential customers are getting the right message: your message, which is that your portfolio company is better for them than ever before.

Our SDRs are professionally trained and have proven themselves with experience. The 6 to 1 average ROI of our process makes it clear: You will have lower customer acquisition costs. Your sales team will be able to focus on closing more deals, faster.

Our SDR team is also able to rapidly scale according to demand. We make it easy to bring new SDRs in and get them up to speed on your strategy, and they can shift over to other campaigns as fast as needed. This is especially important if you’re managing multiple companies. One SDR team can adapt to any part of your portfolio.

Boomsourcing also offers the ability to streamline additional essential but time-consuming business processes. While you take care of your the core business, we’ll handle things like payroll, human resources, accounting, and customer relations.

We provide 24/7 support for all of these processes. We streamline all of them so that you can scale up quickly and efficiently.

The operations themselves can take place anywhere in the world, but we provide you with a dedicated Customer Success Manager based in the USA. We generate timely reports so you can see for yourself the work you trust us with.

We can even integrate with the existing back-office APIs of each portfolio company. This ensures that the work being done is instantly compatible with their own software environment.

Boomsourcing is a powerful solution allowing you to streamline and renew every single part of your portfolio. Contact us today to get started.

Ready to grow your sales team?