We believe that customer service shouldn't be just a department, but that it should be the entire company.

- Boomsourcing


    BOOM Dialer
    Mind QA

    Perfect Pitch™

    Patented Call Center Soundboard Technology

    Perfect Pitch Technology™ began in 2007 as the answer to various problems vexing all offshore call centers. Developed in house in Silicon Slopes Utah we are very proud of the technology and all the patents that have been awarded over the years. 

    By utilizing Perfect Pitch Technology™ in our offshore call centers we are able to turn our capable call center agents into incredible sounding cyber-agents. Soundboard technology is the ideal solution for offshore call center agents that perfectly understand customer intent however aren’t able to respond with a perfect accent free and easy to understand native dialect. 


    100% Compliance

    Agents will always stick to the script and have the optimal rubbdtle for any concern.

    Higher CPM

    Boomsourcing will increase your CPM through our expert script optimization and efficient soundboard programming.

    Improved Customer Satisfaction

    The pain point of difficult to understand foreign accents is completely eliminated.

    Calm Agents Always

    In spite of any unruly customer interactions Boomsourcing agents are always calm and composed.

    Improved Employee Retention

    Dramatic reduction in employee burnout and fatigue thus leading to more seasoned call center agents.


    For certain campaigns our sound board agents are able to effectively manage more than one call at once.

    Quicker Agent Onboarding

    Instantly scale up an existing campaign or spin up a new one as agents require much less specific response training.

    Eliminate Small Talk

    Small talk is not an effective way of increasing CPM and ROI. Perfect Pitch Soundboard Technology™ ellimates it.

    “By using Boomsourcing + Perfect Pitch, Epic Energy has been able to drastically reduce outreach and lead generation costs…potential customers have no clue that the call center is offshore.”

    Michael Pacada - Cofounder - Epic Energy

    You've got the data, we've got the DIALER

    State of the art

    One of the biggest challenges in the call center world is developing and maintaining an effective dialer. In order to successfully push out millions of phone calls every day Boomsourcing dedicates an entire team to continuously maintain and further develop our proprietary dialer technology.


    Direct inward Dialing (DID) are telephone numbers that are assigned to any certain local area. Boomsourcing owns, rests and rotates thousands of DID’s on a daily bases to ensure maximum customer contact potential with a highly effective local presence.

    Advanced Authentication

    STIR/SHAKEN uses public key cryptography and digital certificates to authenticate phone calls, similar to the way that e-commerce websites secure their traffic. Originating carriers digitally sign their calls, and terminating carriers check to see that the signatures are authentic before completing the call. Boomsourcing spends an immense amount of time and energy to ensure high level attestation for our calling to maximize contact potential.  

    Call Center Quality Assurance Software

    Powerful Realtime Data

    With millions of simultaneous calls being executed around the world it’s imperative to be able to continually monitor agent and system performance along with customer satisfaction.  Mind QA contact management software combines voice-to-text and speech analytics with machine learning to better understand your customers and measure your support efforts. With Mind QA it’s possible to analyze 100% of the conversations between customers and agents, identify opportunities for optimization and constantly improve ROI. 

    Mind QA Benefits

    Reduction of AHT

    Mind QA easily manages customer service requests and resolves them efficiently thus drastically reducing averaging handling time. 

    Faster Auditing

    Our Rapid quality assurance software reduces QA audit time via a myriad of automation features, leading to reduction in QA FTE. 

    Improved Agent ROI

    Mind QA offers many self-coaching opportunities, transforming newer employees into optimized super agents, better prepared to quickly handle first call resolutions. 

    Customer Satisfaction

    Mind QA brings better insight into the entire customer journey, continually identifying areas that can be improved or streamlined. 

    Cost Effective

    By automating the quality assurance process, Mind QA eliminates all the extra expense required to build out and maintain a large scale quality assurance team.

    Enhanced Accuracy

    Mind QA consolidates volumes of data into easily digestible data sets. No more guessing or trying to make sense of too much information. 

    You've got the growth, we've got the BOOM!

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