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    5 Lead Generation Tips for Telemarketing Success

    5 Lead Generation Tips for Telemarketing Success

    What’s the best way to get leads for your sales campaigns? Consider these five lead generation tips for call center telemarketing. They’re a great way to ensure better quality leads even as you scale up operations.

    1: Reach out with a variety of methods

    Make sure that your lead generation plan includes email, social media, and even live networking events. Each of these are opportunities to meet leads where and when they want solutions providers to contact them. Those kinds of encounters are often much more agreeable than the endless barrage of phone calls and more importantly can be the warm up leading to the all important call. 

    2: Massage the lead

    When you do get a potential lead on the phone, don’t go in for the close right away. Sales works better when it’s more concerned with what the customer needs, not simply with what the seller wants. Qualifying questions should be as simple and as few in number as possible.

    3: Fast follow-up

    Once you do have a qualified lead, you need to get it over to the sales team as soon as possible. Failing to do so lets a warm lead grow cold. This, in turn, leads to confusion and lost deals. Boomsourcing specializes in the ability to instantly transfer a warm lead on the line to your certified closing salesperson.

    4: Rank leads according to urgency

    Recently contacted warm leads should be instantly transferred or put at the top of the list of the leads your sales agents will call next. Those are the leads that have budgeted for a solution, are actively looking for one, and have done their research. The next tier down are those who recognize that a solution is necessary, but are still on a timeline of several months before implementation. The final tier, if you want to differentiate it, is for those who are only interested in getting some more information they can use down the road.

    5: Same team, but with clear roles

    These lead generation tips for call center telemarketing mostly focus on the different roles of the sales and lead generation teams within an organization. Both teams need to have a mindset of working in harmony. There must be a balance between getting as many highly-qualified leads as possible , warm transfer hand off and follow up strategy.

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