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    Boomsourcing’s Best B2B Telemarketing Tips

    Boomsourcing’s Best B2B Telemarketing Tips

    1: Get Clean Data!

    This tip is at the top because it just cannot be overstated. Even if you do nothing else, just making sure that you have better data to work with will do wonders for your sales efforts. Nothing drags down a telemarketer’s motivation quite like calling outdated leads and finding out to great embarrassment that they no longer work at that company, or worse, have passed away. Yikes!

    If you’re having a hard time getting data that’s up-to-date and relevant to your business, be sure to reach out to our friends at Smart Funnel, who will help you work with polished lead lists that are worth calling.

    2: Be Patient While Implementing B2B Telemarketing Tips!

    Having good sales tactics and skills are important factors, but at the end of the day, not everyone is ready to buy what you’re selling. Even the very best agents should expect to make dozens of calls before getting some interest that pans out.

    Agents should be patient with themselves as they work through all those “no’s” in the pursuit of the legendary “yes!” Managers, too, should keep careful track of the metrics, but be as encouraging as possible.

    3: Let the Conversation Flow!

    This is the most strategic and difficult but personally rewarding of our B2B telemarketing tips. One of the secrets to a great sales call is for it not to sound so much like a sales call. Everyone knows that you’re calling because you want them to buy something, but you can make it be about so much more than that.

    Get interested on a personal level with what matters to your prospect. That means becoming acquainted with the challenges of their industry sector, and discussing how the benefits of your solution ease those burdens. But always remember that it’s not about you or your solution, it’s about their needs. It’s about how they, too, need to put food on the table at home each night.

    So, yes, have a script, know your talking points, and get good at selling. But always remember who it’s all really for, and be ready to talk about what they need to hear.

    4: Cultivate a Professional Mindset!

    We think that this is one of the most inspirational B2B telemarketing tips out there. Never let your team get stuck thinking that they’re just call center agents. It’s a hard line of work, but it’s also a stepping stone into many sales and marketing-related careers. The experience of working with so many people and powering through so much rejection is an education that no school in the world can provide. And the rewards of finally closing an appointment or a deal include a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

    Encourage your team members to always think of themselves as true professionals helping other professionals. Together, you create success and progress in the world!

    5: Don’t DIY!

    If you don’t already have a professional telemarketing team in place, keep in mind this last of our B2B telemarketing tips: outsourcing is your friend. It’s no more difficult to train a new remote agent on your product than it is to train someone in-house. In fact, it’s easier, since you don’t have to worry about any of the overhead or hiring costs! If you already have a team that you want to expand, but those costs are getting you down, the same rule applies.

    Be sure to contact Boomsourcing today to discuss how we can make running a telemarketing campaign so much easier for your company!

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