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    5 Ways B2B Telemarketing Supercharges Company Growth

    5 Ways B2B Telemarketing Supercharges Company Growth

    1: Dedicated B2B Telemarketing Agents Specialize in their Roles, Letting In-House Teams Close Deals

    Acquiring deep experience in a specialized field is where the money’s at, so to speak. You don’t dig a mine with a garden spade; you do it with a giant bucket loader. B2B telemarketing by Boomsourcing works in much the same way. Rather than having individual sales agents cold-call a hundred leads for every deal they close, you can rely on a team of telemarketing sales development representatives to perform this specialized outreach. The SDRs refer all qualified prospects (warm leads) to the in-house sales team, who focus on closing.

    2: Constant Prospecting Keeps Sales Funnels Full

    Not only is the process efficient; it’s also beneficially continuous. Deal closers love getting a prospect to sign up. It’s the process of finding the prospects that’s such a chore. When salespersons used to have to divide their time between prospecting activities and relationship building ones, there was a considerable ebb and flow. First they fill up a pipeline, then they work their way through it until they start to run out of leads.

    Experienced agents learned to do a little bit of prospecting every day. That would avoid the problem of running out of leads. Another problem remained, though. That little bit of prospecting every day was time lost from working on existing leads! Top of funnel outreach via call center solves for this. Boomsourcing can run through the data and deliver warm prospects that are ready to do business.

    3: Telemarketing Provides Instant Market Feedback

    Every rejection contains a reason, and every reason is an opportunity. Not every opportunity is worth pursuing, but many are. The best sales agents, who handle rejections with grace, can also extract that information. Every call becomes a data point. Note enough instances of a particular reason for rejecting the sales pitch, and you’ve got yourself an idea of where your company can turn next. Perhaps it’s just the pitch itself that needs adjusting. But also, perhaps, there’s a way to improve the product to make it more appealing to more customers. There may even be an entire new market segment that your company can pivot to serve.

    4: Telemarketing Pivots and Scales Faster than Other Marketing Strategies

    This is one of the greatest things about B2B telemarketing. It takes almost no effort to make significant changes to the process or strategy when you need to. Sure, you have to write a new script, but what’s that compared to changing hundreds of billboards or producing a whole new 30-second TV spot?

    With a few quick edits, a telemarketing team can switch to promoting a completely different industry from what they were working on the day before. That means that the clients of telemarketing firms like ours enjoy immense flexibility. You can scale operations up and down, on demand, as fast as you need to, and in any direction. It’s an incredibly versatile way to work.

    5: Call centers operate 24/7

    For our global business clients we are proud to offer service 24/7 three hundred sixty five days a year. Whether we are running an outbound marketing campaign or providing customer service, Boomsourcing has call centers located strategically around the globe that are always open.

    The world of B2B telemarketing and sales development is exciting and full of possibility for your organization. When you’re ready for your company to scale, reach out to us here at Boomsourcing!

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