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    5 Ways Call Centers Helps Businesses Grow Stronger

    5 Ways Call Centers Helps Businesses Grow Stronger

    There are many reasons why telemarketing helps businesses grow. Considering the advantages it provides companies, it’s no small wonder that so many rely on it for their sales growth. We’ve picked out 5 reasons telemarketing might work for your company.

    1: Telemarketing is a Market Research Tool

    Dialing out and making phone calls all day doesn’t have to be only about angling for a sale. Telemarketing helps businesses grow just as well when it’s used as a way to conduct market research. By surveying segments of your target market, you can get a feel for the future performance and problems your product may encounter down the road. This can be useful before, during, and after any sales campaign.

    2: Telemarketing Helps Businesses Grow Stronger by Increasing Awareness

    By the same token, even if you’re not specifically conducting research, no sales call is a waste of resources. By reaching out even to leads that don’t fit your target market with perfect precision, you can increase the general awareness of your brand. The more people there are out there who know about your company, the more likely it could come up in a conversation about a problem that you’re equipped to solve.

    3: Telemarketing Provides Instant Feedback

    It’s no secret that the vast majority of business calls are either unanswered or rejected. A small percentage are successful, and right on the edges there, you can find a powerful opportunity. One of the key ways that telemarketing helps businesses grow stronger occurs when a lead takes the time to tell you why your product doesn’t fit their needs.

    That’s a golden opportunity in so many ways. Perhaps it’s just a matter of refining your sales pitch. It can also reveal possible flaws in your product engineering. It might show you where the market is demanding improved solutions that your company can address with a little more R&D. One way or another, a rejection is never just a rejection. It’s how you learn where you can do better.

    4: Telemarketing Has a Nearly Unlimited Reach

    Do you know anyone who still doesn’t use a phone of any kind? Neither do we. Telemarketing leverages the most ubiquitous and successful communications tool ever devised. Almost everyone in the developed world has access to telephone services. Most of your business leads are going to be accessible via both personal and business lines.

    The true power of a phone call is that it takes the recipient directly to the point where a decision needs to be made. Emails and other forms of passive marketing can be ignored. A phone call on the other hand is the amazing opportunity to hold your clients hand through the pitch and them put them on the spot to make a commitment right then and there.

    5: Telemarketing Helps Businesses Grow Stronger Because It Can Work for Them 24/7

    Does your target market work on the other side of the world, right during the time when you’d most prefer to be asleep? This is one of the reasons Boomsourcing’s got your back. Our offshore and nearshore contact centers work around the clock to provide the best possible results for clients in any time zone. Likewise, if you want to address consumers and potential partners onshore, our operations model keeps costs as low as possible.

    You can see that telemarketing helps businesses grow in powerful ways. If you’re concerned about the trouble involved in setting it all up, though, never fear. Contact us today at Boomsourcing, and we’ll show you how simple it is to get started!

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