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    Qualified Lead Generation for Your Brand – Made Easy

    Qualified Lead Generation for Your Brand – Made Easy

    If there is one problem business owners want a solution for, it will be their struggle with lead generation. Most business owners employ every lead-generation technique they know of. However, every process will become futile if you do not have a strategy. 

    We won’t deny that qualified lead generation services are complicated. However, lead generation is definitely achievable. The first step is to distinguish your target market. Once you know your audience, your objective is to entice and engage them so that they become your potential clients. From creating informative content to engaging them on social media, you must implement strategies that will work for your business. 

    In addition, you must remember that people are constantly evolving. So, you must change your strategies and stay updated to stay on track. Outdated insights and strategies can cause severe damage to your business. Hence, focus on updating your business tactics to survive and thrive in this competitive world. 

    Here, we have discussed some foolproof techniques for marketers, using which you can generate quality leads.

    Different Ways To Generate Qualified Leads:

    There are various approaches for companies to generate leads. Some may work for you, while some may not. You need to be the judge and decide which works for you. Keep your industry and target audience in mind when implementing lead-generation strategies. 

    Let’s find out some of the strategies that work no matter your commercial objectives: 

    Multichannel Lead Generation

    Your lead-generation endeavor is incomplete if you do not use different platforms. Big enterprises follow multichannel lead generation because of its effectiveness. From utilizing calling to sending emails and using social media platforms – you can engage a large audience using a multichannel approach. 

    • Cold calling: One of the oldest methods of generating leads is through cold calling, and rightly so. Multinational companies use cold calling even to this day. Calling allows you to engage your target audience on a one-to-one basis. Qualified lead generation services include cold calling because of its success rate. Inside sales agents generally close 6.6 deals per day on average. 
    • Emails: Sitting in the inbox of your target audience is not a good idea for lead generation. Most cold email campaigns fail to perform because of the lack of strategies. If you can strategize your cold email game, you can generate a huge number of convertible leads. The average open rate for cold email in the US is 24%. However, you can significantly improve the number by updating and implementing techniques that show results. 
    • Social media platforms: Your social media platforms can add value to establish your brand as the best in the industry. Thus, you can generate quality leads through your social media posts. You can build relationships with your target market through your posts. People do not like spending time scoring through long blog posts.
      You can leverage your social media posts to showcase the necessary snippets from the article. Thus, you can engage your target market instantly. In addition, they can click the link and visit your website to read the blog if they find the snippets valuable. 

    Technology-Based Lead Generation:

    We are living in an era where the technological boom is changing the world rapidly. From using AI in our everyday chores to generating leads using updated technologies – we are witnessing the shift in the digital world. 

    The best lead generation companies have started incorporating AI and Soundboard software at their disposal to generate qualified leads. 

    • Soundboard: Soundboard allows you to pre-record your messages. You can set the tone of the message as you want. Trained agents can handle multiple calls at the same time with the help of these pre-recorded messages.
      You can even create a digital library with all types of responses you can give to frequently asked questions. Soundboard software enhances the call quality as agents do not need to memorize or read out responses.
      Besides, it also improves conversion rates as you offer 100% compliant interaction each time. The voices you record have the highest quality audio with perfect pronunciation. As a result, you witness better productivity and efficiency. Using Soundboard software also reduces your overhead costs significantly.
    • Conversational AI: Conversational AI is not new. Many companies have been using chatbots for years. However, the improvement in the segment of conversational AI in 2023 has taken the internet by storm. Now, you can use conversational AI for lead generation.
      How can you use AI to generate leads? Start by replacing the tedious, lengthy forms in your website. Instead, keep a chat option. Use AI-powered chatbots to drive the conversation. Thus, users do not feel the fatigue of filling out a lengthy form. If you can program the conversational AI accurately, users will not even realize they are filling out a form. Furthermore, you can instantly use conversational AI to respond to frequently asked questions. You do not need to engage agents for such mundane jobs. 

    Other Ways of Generating Leads:

    There are some other ways of generating qualified leads as well. You can use these along with the oned discussed earlier. 

    Landing Page Optimization:

    The landing page is the most important part of your website. Your content on social media platforms should drive traffic to your landing page. Hence, the landing page must be visually enticing, rich in information, and be able to add value to your audience. 

    You must optimize your landing page if you are not getting enough conversions. Landing pages can convert a significant number of visitors into leads. You can even the percentile to a whopping 80% if you add a video on your landing pages. 

    • Update the content: When was the last time you updated the content of your landing page? Content is the king in the marketing sphere. There is no way you can get away with irrelevant and outdated content. Inform your readers about the benefits of your service or product and share informative content with them. Make the copy engaging by keeping it short and crisp. 
    • Test the headings: Most people do not read your content unless the heading is engaging enough. You must tweak the headings on your blog posts to notice what entices your customers the most. Use analytics to see the change in the reader’s behavior. Impeccable headings can indeed fetch traffic and generate leads. 
    • Add videos: Videos are more engaging than written content. Most people prefer watching videos over reading a lengthy piece of content. Over 70% of B2C lead generation services have generated qualified leads using video content. 
    • Keep it simple: Minimalist websites are more than just a trend. A minimal website attracts more people as it is easy for them to navigate your website. Use enticing call-to-actions throughout your website. Ensure that the forms on your website are easy to understand and fill out so that more people sign up. 

    Personalization At Your Disposal:

    eCommerce apps often send you push notifications about the price drop of an item in your wishlist. They send you personalized messages to grab your attention. Lead generation companies in the USA vouch for leveraging personalization for better sales results. The more personalization you can bring, the more you can influence your buyers’ behavior. 

    Over 75% of visitors are likely to become leads if you offer personalization. How do you plan to offer personalization? The first one is obviously through personalized ads. On the other hand, you can bring personalization to your landing page. For example, customize the CTAs to enhance the conversion rate. 

    You can use various tools to update and make dynamic CTAs on your landing pages. Also, some conventional marketers say that regularly updating the content can offer some level of personalization. 

    Customizing your email marketing campaigns is another great way to add personalization to your marketing endeavor. Nothing works like a charm other than addressing your target audience by their first name. It immediately hooks them to the piece, which can convert them to make them qualified leads.

    Include User-Generated Content:

    User-generated content, or UGC, is one of the most powerful tools marketers can use nowadays. UGC can be anything that your users create, mentioning your brand. For instance:

    • Images your users share
    • Social media posts tagging you created by your users 
    • Videos shared by your users
    • Product reviews
    • Testimonials, and more such content. 

    According to lead generation companies in the USA, the best part about UGC is that it is one of the most affordable lead-generation tools. You practically do not spend even a dime on UGC content. 

    However, sometimes, you may need to offer your users rewards to engage them and inspire them to create UGC. For instance, you can offer a referral bonus to both who is referring and to whom they are referring. 

    You can also ask satisfied customers to share testimonials, which you can use on your website. Testimonials help you build a brand impression. They encourage new users to sign up as they find your brand trustworthy. 

    You can even post these testimonials on social media handles to enhance your visibility. You can also request your users to share feedback on their social handles, tagging your company. It will boost your SEO efforts without spending a penny. 

    Brainstorm and come up with creative ideas to leverage UGC for lead generation. 

    Influencer Marketing:

    Social media has allowed skilled people to showcase their talent and build their army of followers. These people can significantly influence their followers. Marketing experts suggest that 69% of consumers are influenced by influencer marketing. 

    Influencer marketing is a good option if you want to showcase your product or service to a large audience for lead generation. You can team up with small and medium influencers as they charge much less than those with millions of followers. 

    Who can try influencer marketing? If you own:

    • Apparel or footwear brand
    • An app
    • Makeup, skincare, or other beauty brands
    • A fintech company 
    • Subscription box or hamper you want people to buy, and a lot more

    Influencer marketing is for almost everybody. You name an industry and find a few influencers sharing their knowledge online. Influencers can indeed encourage and influence their followers to try your products or services. 

    If you think influencer marketing is only for B2C lead generation services, think again. You can leverage influencers for lead generation, even in B2B marketing. However, you might need to involve established analysts, experts, industry leaders, etc., to attract new customers. 

    If you are planning to go ahead with influencer marketing, here are the two points you must remember:

    • The first step to influencer marketing is to set goals. For example, ask yourself what you want to achieve through influencer marketing. Do you want people to download your app, visit your website, or buy your product? Once you determine the campaign’s goal, it becomes easier for the influencer and you to achieve those goals. Besides, it also allows you to set your target audience, which can convert into ‘qualified leads.’ 
    • Choose the correct type of influencer for your brand. If you are catering to B2B, you must contact industry experts who can review and market your product or service. For B2C, social media is your platform to research and identify the influencers you can collaborate with. 

    Influencer marketing is a strategic and regular process. Measuring the success of each campaign gives you a clear idea of whether influencer marketing is working for you. You can continue with qualified lead generation services once you have enough data to back your strategy. 

    In a Nutshell:

    If you want to grow your business, you must generate leads. However, generating quality leads is more important than generating a large number of leads. Your target is getting new customers to help you grow your brand. Besides, you need recurring customers to support your brand. You must implement strategies to help build your brand, eventually generating quality leads. 

    Try employing the methods discussed in this article, from optimizing landing pages to integrating user-generated content into your branding. Generating quality leads takes effort, planning, and execution. 

    However, sometimes, it becomes overwhelming for a company to generate quality leads. Even after trying all the measures, you may not generate leads. You should seek professional help if that is the case with your company. 

    Boomsourcing offers qualified lead generation services for companies in different industries. We have experts with years of experience in lead generation. We understand your need and strategize to meet your expectations.

    Get in touch with us to know how we can bring positive change to your business.

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